Object Rocket

Object Rocket Project: SEO Portfolio

The company served for copy writing, content optimization and article ranking. This is a  technology company that helps companies to develop apps for their businesses without database management.

We served them at the time the owner was individually working but now they are a big company and they have many employees and customers.



The buyer ordered to write 5 SEO optimized articles and rank them on the first page of Google. Since their website was getting less time traffic at that time, this means their site authority was low. We have to research the possible keywords to rank it fast. Our experts rolled up their sleeves to accomplish this task.



We divided the task into two parts. Our content writer and SEO experts engaged in this project. Before start writing keyword research was done and finalized the most relevant keywords for the selected topics by the buyer. Different tools were used for keyword research.

Now the time came to write content on the suggested topics. Our content writer did it exactly what the buyer was looking for. 

The Result of our Work

The content was delivered with meta details, focus keywords, and heading optimized.

After publishing into website, the result was great!

All of the articles were ranked on the first page of Google.

0.10% CTR
20% less CPA
280% ROI
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